"Most rock journalism is people who can't write, interviewing people who can't talk, for people who can't read." - Frank Krappa

Sunday, 23 January 2011


A couple of days ago, I listened to Deerhunter's latest album, Halcyon Digest, for reasons I can't remember, months after my friend originally told me to listen to them.

It's one of the best new albums I've heard in ages, almost every song is an incredibly clever indie/pop classic. It's so damn good, the next day I bought tickets to see them live in March. That's right, they're so good I've given them my money.

The music ranges from the almost Massive Attack-esque trip-hoppy moodiness in the first track, to floaty upbeat pop, to crunchy garage rock. Here are some favourites:

(This is the Massive Attacky one)

(This starts like a homage to Rebellion (Lies), then sounds like a mix between Interpol and a parallel universe Surfer Blood that can write good songs, and ends off with a Pixies style outro jam. Amazing.)

(This beautifully manages to sail just about clear of Coldplay's treacherously cheesy waters. LOLOOLOLOL)

(This is one of the awesomest sounding songs I've heard in a while. It sounds like it should be on the Little Big Planet soundtrack, which is a giant compliment in my books)

(This is one of the weirdest and best album closers ever. Possibly only Niobe by Caribou beats it.)

Basically this album is so good, the people I have made listen to it are more amazed at the album than annoyed at my pestering. Listen to it now before I come to your house and beat the shit out of you.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Leonard Cohen (OMG FIRST POST OF THE NW YR!!!!!!!1111!1!)

After a long stay in Vietnam, where music like this is made:

I am back to write more things for nobody to read about bands that, like, everybody already knows about and are soooooooooooo passé.

Leonard Cohen

After both my Grandma and my girlfriend telling me to, I finally got round to listening to the much revered high priest (Judaism reference anyone?) of brilliantly miserable songs. He is brilliant (well only his first few albums as I haven't listened further yet and Death of a Ladies' Man is fucking awful) and I don't think there's any point of me writing more about this, so here are some songs I love: