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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Get Smart!

Get Smart! - Action Reaction

I found Get Smart! on a torrent I downloaded in order to get Young Marble Giants' fantastic Colossal Youth called "4 Rare 80s Albums [Part 19] Post Punk Bands". There were two other albums that weren't to my taste, but Get Smart!'s 1984 album Action Reaction contains a bunch of hyperactive post-punk songs with a midwestern twist.

I don't really know anything about the band, but wikipedia tells me that they released a second album in 1986 (which I have yet to hear), and it generally seems that they were a band that gained a local following and disappeared from the public consciousness after they broke up. Pity really.

Their songs aren't complex soundscapes, emotionally intense journeys or musical innovations, but they seem to have a simple honesty that English post-punk bands of the same era seem to be missing.

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