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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Gig: Timber Timbre @ ICA 27/4/11

After realising the tickets for Timber Timbre's gig at ICA had sold out, a friend and I resigned ourselves to haggling with touts. We were slightly worried upon finding a significant lack of (no) touts outside, but there were two tickets left on sale. Fucking A. Anyway, we missed the support, but got in just in time to get drinks and get a nice place in the crowd for what we assumed would be a relatively normal folky gig.

Nosferatu started playing on a screen behind the stage and the three members walked on, singer Taylor Kirk wearing a Grim Reaper style cloak. They began playing songs from their most recent album, Creep On Creepin' On (which I wrote about here). Their gothic folk-soul-blues, in combination with the film, slowly but surely scared the shit out of me and (I hope, for the sake of my pride) the rest of the audience. Kirk, shrouded in the cloak and occasionally twitching a grimace towards the ceiling, added in abundance to the dark atmosphere.

Things really got going when they played  'Black Water' followed by 'Demon Host'. The group of crazy people on drugs (there always seems to be at least one at every gig) swayed and bobbed like maniacs. Everyone else tried not to wet themselves in a combination of musical appreciation and sheer terror.

They encored without Kirk's cloak and craziness. For the first time that evening, he actually spoke to the audience and was really quite charming for someone who, five minutes earlier, looked like he might suddenly decide to decapitate the entire front row with his guitar at any moment. Despite crowd shouts (and my finger crossing) they didn't play 'Magic Arrow', but instead played a brilliant version of 'Trouble Comes Knocking' (I think, or maybe 'Lay Down In The Tall Grass'?).

Altogether, it was pretty fucking fantastic. It wasn't what I was expecting, but it made a pretty big impact and was one of the most interesting gigs I've ever seen. He's playing at Union Chapel on the 1st of November. I'm going to do my best to make it.

This gives you a fraction of the experience:

And I just straight up love this song:

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